About ABC

J.endless an independent UK recording Artist who founded ABC Recordz,
The ethos behind ABC is “Always Blessed Champaign”. 859

ABC Recordz has 6 artists on its roster PF1, Lady Diva, Zilly, J Bars and Little Doc Rhymes who together form the Da Champaign.

J.Endless first release off ABC Recordz was the Earlybirds 7 track E.P. featuring and produced by PF1 also featuring Lady Diva. First video off the E.P was Earlybirds that was showcased on online Entertainment channel Linkup TV, and followed by further video on ABC Records own youtube channel , titled Who Cares, Dead Dat and The Hunters.

Following the release of Earlybirds J.endless was featured on Big Narsties BDL Tour consisting of shows in Leeds, Leicester, Brighton and Stevenage and the headline London show, Nass & Munity Festival also performing at Lewisham Local Festival People Day.

J.endless and Da Champaign has gained exposure to the industry working with photographers, Video directors and visits to BCC 1xtra  Da Champaigne has received positive responses and has gained endorsements from Clothing Brands  including Moneybagz Clothing and DJ Co-signs from On Top FM’s DJ Timeless. Currently J.endless and Da Champaign are releasing a 16 track Mixtape titled Repping Daily.
Following Repping Daily release ABC has just launched a new online video forum called Champaign Steam Room giving Artist the opportunity to showcase their skills. The future is promising for ABC Records, and Da Champaign watch this space.